Quarantine for people travelling to Norway

Illustrasjonsbilde: Pexels
Illustrasjonsbilde: Pexels

Last Friday (25.09.2020) there was a meeting between Safe and Norsk olje& gass.  They were discussing quarantine for people going offshore and travelling to Norway.  The question is if people are to get payed during quarantine or not.  The meeting ended with that there was no agreement.  This results that the question is raised to a higher level.  Now it will be a question that YS and NHO will have to find an answer to.  This is the last level before you eventually must go to court.

We in safe works for our members and this Is a question coming from a member.  This has been lifted in the organization and are now on the highest level, a good example on a good case.  Hopefully this will not drag out to long, but we have seen that cases like this can take some time.  We will update when know more.

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