Your History is wanted, and needed.


Hi all, I want to encourage you to step forward and tell your story regarding this new restructuring in cement, mud, GSS, Others.  How is work now after IOL3 implementation.  Questions for you:

  1. Is the iol3 model working?  Why? Why not
  2. Can you perform a safe job?
  3. Have you been forced to work overtime or change working hours from day to night, that was not in accordance to special agreement?
  4. Do you feel that you have to learn people to do your job?
  5. Do you feel safe working offshore?
  6. Other things you want to highlight?

SAFE want to check out how people feel at work.  I get some calls from people telling me stories from the sea, and I want to check if this applies across the board.  Then I can tell the company what’s happening in the apartment, not just a single incident or a single person, but as a group off people.  Is the Agreement between the union and the company kept by Schlumberger.  Do you feel you can stop a job without retaliation?  Is your right taken care of?

I will anonymize for those who want that.

If somebody want to take a step forward I can also keep the name in the story.

Please send me an email on and tell me your story.


Together for a healthy working environment.

Skriv ut siden